The Fridge (padded lantern case)


The Fridge was design to protect your lovely lantern during the journey to your favorite location!
The Fridge is construct with 4mm mid density EVA foam plus a Mylar film to keep the max protection of your Lantern. It also have a diagonal opening which give easy to put or taking out the lantern.

Various materials: Xpac, Dyneema X 140D or 210D, spinnaker, Cuben Fiber (CT).
Padding: Mid density EVA +250 Mylar film
Zipper: YKK Aqua
Webbing: 66nylon or Cotton

Coleman 200A / 200B
Size: Tall 31.5 x base 16 x 16 cm

Vapalux M320
Size: Tall 35 x base 17 x 17 cm

Lantern Model :
Coleman 200A/B
Vapalux M320
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