MUNIEQ(ミュニーク) X-Mesh Stand


MUNIEQ X-Mesh is a ultralight pot stand and windshield that made by 0.2 mm thickness stainless steel sheet.

The Light of the flame will pass through but the wind cannot get in. It is an ultra light outdoor windshield that can enjoys the flame. The 0.2 mm thick stainless steel sheet with about 38000 small holes can be used by putting it inside an alcohol stove or solid fuel even some DIY carbon felt stove. It is super lightweight, weighing about 15 g, and can be disassembled and stored compactly in a cup. The diameter of 62 mm in single use, just the right size for small alcohol stove and solid fuel. If two pieces are combined, the diameter becomes 124 mm, and a general size alcohol stove (Trangia, Esbit, Evernew etc.) and solid fuel can be used.

Material:  Stainless sheet
Flat: 206×67mm
In use:dia 62 x H67mm(if 2 connected : dia 124 x H67 mm)
Weight: 15g


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Out of stock

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