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HK$ 15.00HK$ 350.00

** All price are ONE piece **
We have create some accessories for ALDEBARAN EdgeSTAND which can combine into may different setting, let design your own.

Spec :
CF Pole
Size:Dia 10mm x 30cm
Weight:15 g +/-
Material:3k dry Carbon 2mm , Anodes Aluminum fitting

CF plate Hex Off Set & Center Hole
Size:W 25cm × H 22mm
Weight:120 g +/-
Material:3k dry Carbon 2mm

CF plate Round
Size:Dia 22cm
Weight:120 g +/-
Material:3k dry Carbon 2mm

CF Hanger
Size:16cm(18×2.5cm); 15cm(17.5X1.9cm); 10cm(12.5×1.9cm)
Weight:16cm (8g); 15cm(5g); 10cm(4g)
Material:3k dry Carbon 2.5mm

Size:Screws (H20mm x Dia 16mm); Nuts (H5m x Dia20mm)
Weight:Screws (7g+/-) Nuts (3.5g+/-)
Material:Anodes Aluminum

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