ECO Kitchen Cleaner by GREEN MOTION


It is a cleaner that can be clean by spraying directly on tableware, pots, frying pans, etc. as well as tables and gears and just warp of with the paper towel at camping without rising any water.
The surfactant of the cleaning ingredient is suppressed to only 1%, and the 100% natural essential oil of Aomori Hiba is added, and the rest is water!

When there is limited on water source, you can simply spray and warp to clean your camping dishes and cutlery!

The refill is concentrated, dilution the refill by 1 cap to 90ml of water. If you are using the original spray bottle , simply just add 2 caps and fill it up with water.

Made in Japan

Ingredient :
Spray 200ml spec:
Advanced alcohol (non-ionic) 0.54%, palm oil fatty acid alkanolamide 0.42%, Aomori cypress natural essential oil 0.05%, water 98.99%

Refill 200ml spec:
Advanced alcohol (non-ionic) 9%, palm oil fatty acid alkanolamide 7%, Aomori cypress natural essential oil 1%, water 83%

Spray 200ml spec:
Weight: 242g

Refill 200ml spec:
Weight: 226g

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Cleaning power:


Refilling mixture: