3D Peg Case


** New EcoPAK fabric was used ! Make it a bit more Eco Friendly **

I wanted to design a case for the “?” peg for long time, and has been get bored about the traditional flat draw cord type of peg case, the pegs are not that easy to get in and out.
First concern was the opening design, there are some peg cases has design like pencil case with a center zipper all along the case, I think the zip is too long, so I had shorten the zipper, Second is how to make the case to be 3D shape and which will also fit the “?” pegs.
After 3 months and with many prototype made, finally generate this 3D shape!

The Pegs Case max can hold up to 25pcs of “?” pegs, half length zipper design, and which is easy to get the pegs in and out. the 3D shape which also very comfort when holding it in your palm.
Also there are a loop on top so that when you are rigging the tarp or tents, you can hang it on your belt or the Hiker’s Bao Bao for easy accessing.

Various materials: EcoPAK , Xpac, DyneemaX 140D or 210D, spinnaker, Cuben Fiber (CT).
Zipper: YKK Aqua
Rope: Paracord

Size: W6 x L20cm
Weight: 8.3g +/-

Color :
ECO Grey
ECO Black
ECO White
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