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Hybrid Wallet

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The Hybrid Wallet is the second generation of the Wa-Ben. Size and construction still the same; the only different is by changing the outer layer materials into various interesting outdoor gear materials.

Wa-Ben, was first made in 2004, at that period Cuben Fiber was a very high tech material for sail making, they develop it for the America Cups. The Cuben Fiber (now call Dyneema Composite) was a very low stretch and in high Weight and Strength ratio material, light in weight but it had a high breaking or tear strength.



  • Skin (outer) Various, (VX, WX, DyneemaX 140D or 210D, Dyneema Composite)
  • Inter: CTW Dyneema Composite.
  • Threats: hybrid threat


  • Size folded: 10.7 x 9.1 cm
  • Size opened: 20.9 x 9.1cm
  • Card slots: 8
  • Note slot: 2
  • Weight:
    • WX 21.5g
    • VX 17.0g
    • CTW 19.3g
    • 140D 20.4g
    • 210D 21.0g
    • Full CTW 27g


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Wallet Colors : LS Black
Hybrid Black
VX Black
LS Black
Muticam Black
+ 2 more
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