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27.1.2017 update:
**wallets still ran out, still waiting supplier replys, i confirm i will make them when i have the materials!**


Tyvek (soft version)

Tyvek (soft version)

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Tyvek paper (soft version)

This is a soft version of Tyvek, not like the FedEx tyvek bag, this is much feel like a normal fabric, no need to pre-wish to make it soft.

Beware that, this soft tyvek, one side is smooth another side is rough, soft side had very will abration resistace, but not on the other side. If you want to make it as a footprint pls make sure the smooth side face the ground and the rough side face the tent.

Sold by per meter like:
150x3m etc...


  • 150cm width
  • 42.4g per sq meter
  • 0.135 mm thick

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