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27.1.2017 update:
**wallets still ran out, still waiting supplier replys, i confirm i will make them when i have the materials!**


DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon)
DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon) DS Tarp  (TriSilnylon)

DS Tarp (TriSilnylon)

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**This Tarp is order to made, it take around 2 weeks lead time before shipment.**

The DS Tarp is design for solo tarp camping with a wider mid width compare to 1P Tarp L. DS tarp also share the same concept of 1P Tarp L, by making it wider in the mid width it also suitable to be an external shelter for your Tent.

The tarp are make with TriSilnylon material, this material may but not holding the shape as good as Spinnaker material, but it has a 2000mm water resistance rate. The tarp do have a stitching seam in the center so it may require seam sealing.  The Tarp shape was design to maximize the area weight and performance ratio.

All the Tarps we made are Laser Cut to ensure all the line shape of the tarp has been precision cut and the edges are heat sealed.



  • Custom made Tir Silnylon.
  • Lineloc with 2.0mm Dyneema reflective string
  • ClamCleat Glow in dark with 1.1mm Dyneema reflective string.
  • **Ti Peg is an options** [Click here]



  • In storage: 28h x 8 dia cm
  • Tarp open flat: Lenght 300cm middle width 260cm
  • Weight: 324g (with ropes, ClamCleat and sack)
  • 8 points tie out


           **Price includes international shipping**

Have a look how the tarp was cut by a 200W laser cutter!

Video 1 Cutting

Video 2 after cut